The Online Route

If you would prefer to use an online portal then please use Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving. Online fundraising makes it easier to share with your friends and family.It is also a great way to see all your hardwork adding up! You can also add any "offline" donations you have had to the total so supporters can see a real time amount. 


Publicity - Get the word out there for your event.

Publicising your event is the most challenging, but equally the most important thing you will do for your event. Without a structured publicity plan, the number of people attending your event will be affected and therefore so will the amount you raise.

Use Social Media

Create an event page on Facebook and keep it updated, post at least once a day letting people know what you are doing, tell other people's stories relating to the charity. Social media is all about give and take, think of it more as a community rather than an advertising platform. Interact with others who are doing similar things, retweet on Twitter and share on Facebook. 


Use every form of communication available to you, email all your friends and family well in advance, then send another one a week before the event, then another as a reminder the day before.

Create an attractive flyer that you can give to people when you are talking to them at the school gate, on your lunch break from work, at church or at any other place you frequent where there is a gathering of people.

Make everything you send out fun, colourful and full of images.

Remember to say Thank You!

For everything that someone does whether it be a donation, their time or the tickets they have bought, make sure you always say thank you.

Do a Bit of PR

  • Write a press release and send it out to all your local publications
  • Start a blog that is linked to your Facebook event page and Twitter feed and do regular updates.
  • Take photos at your event and post them online, send out to participants and to the local press.

Keep your Event Safe and Legal

If you are running an event ensure that your event is safe and legal. See below:

Raffles and Auctions

If you are holding a raffle or auction, it is important to be aware of the legalities associated with that. You can check the latest information and advice at


You may need insurance for your event, so make sure you research this prior to your event. Although we are here to help and guide you through your event, we cannot supply insurance.

Food Hygiene

If you are organising a food event please ensure that you have considered the food hygiene, please take a look at for more information.