Leaving a gift in your Will is a valuable and lasting way to support the work we do and make sure that we’re still able to support anyone affected by cancer in years to come.

We understand that your family and loved ones must always come first. But after you have provided for them, leaving a percentage of what's left to South East Cancer Help Centre Ltd is a wonderful way to help care for others who will need support in the future.

By discussing your intentions with your loved ones, they will understand that leaving a gift in your Will is something that's important to you. They may feel proud of your decision, as many families do.

Creating or amending a Will to include a gift to South East Cancer Help Centre Ltd is an important decision, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

We’ve provided some simple advice below.

Finding a solicitor

You can find a solicitor through the Law Society: choose “Wills, Probate and Trust” from under the “Your Legal Issue” menu.

There’s also The Society of Will Writers: https://www.willwriters.com/find-a-will-writer/

Creating a new Will

We recommend that you should talk to a solicitor when you make a Will, to make sure your wishes are carried out exactly as you’d like. You should also appoint an executor – someone who is responsible for administering your estate. There should normally be two executors and this can be a professional executor such as your solicitor and a family member as the other executor.

Changing or updating an existing Will

If you already have a Will, you can simply update it by adding some special wording to your Will. This is called a codicil. It’s a good idea to review your Will when circumstances change to check that it still reflects your wishes. However, nowadays it is just as easy to contact your solicitor and update your current one.

See our suggested wording for your will section.

Details you will need to give your solicitor

South East Cancer Help Centre Limited
2 Purley Road, (Tesco Development), Purley, Surrey, CR8 2HA

Registered Charity Number 1011509

Coping with bereavement and helping your family after your death.

We offer bereavement counselling to our Members. Please call on 020 8668 0974 or Contact us to discuss how we can help. There are several sites providing useful information about local end of life care, funeral planning and legal advice and bereavement support, based on postcode searches:

The National Association of Funeral Directors represents larger funeral directors, and has a searchable directory here https://nafd.org.uk/funeral-advice/find-a-member/ 

The Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors represents smaller and independent funeral directors, and you can search for one near you here https://saif.org.uk/members-search/ We recommend using a funeral director that is a member of one or the other of these organisations.

Informations for Executors

Please Contact us for any information you may require.