Our Services

We aim to respect and support you in the choices you make, and to provide individual and group support, complementary therapies and information within a friendly, caring environment.

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My Story

Many of us at the Centre have known that dreadful moment when the consultant looks over his glasses and hits you with the shattering news of your cancer. Whether the treatment involves surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy or a combination of these, the future can hold a lot of worry and stress.

These are some of the journeys of our clients as they move on from a diagnosis.

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Make a Difference

We depend entirely on fundraising for our income. Whether you're a company, school, group or individual we can help you fundraise and make a real difference to the lives of people.

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To be the leading independent provider of cancer support services in our area and to be known to all new patients diagnosed with cancer, in order that they and their family get the support they need.


To provide complementary therapies, counselling and other therapeutic activities, within a caring friendly environment resourced predominately by volunteers, which will help anyone affected by cancer cope with their situation.


Friendly and welcoming

  • We offer a caring, supportive and friendly environment.
  • Everyone is welcome and no-one is discriminated against.

Respectful and compassionate

  • Everyone is treated with dignity and their views and choices are respected.
  • We listen to and empathise with people and their situations.

Professional and confidential

  • We aim for the highest standards in all we do; all our therapies and counselling services are delivered by professionally qualified practitioners.
  • The welfare of our clients is paramount and confidentiality is always maintained.