There are many ways you can get involved - fundraising, sponsored activities, community events - so why don't you come and talk to us?

We'll show you what we do, how we help and support people going through difficult times and what difference your contributions can make to our effort. 

For more information please Contact us.

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If you really want to support us but you are unable to offer us financial support – perhaps you could offer to distribute raffle tickets, get a group along to an event or offer gifts we can use as giveaways or raffle prizes.

As well as these amazing events we are also looking to secure our main sponsor for our October Awareness Campaign.

If you feel you may be able to help please do get in touch for more info. I would be more than happy to arrange meetings, talks at your place of work or tours of the Centre for you and your staff.

Call on 0208 668 0974 or Contact us.