loss recovery programmeOur loss recovery programme is available to assist anyone who has experienced a loss, helping you to bring new meaning to life by enabling you to focus on fond memories from the past without them turning painful and rediscovering new meaning to life.

There are many life losses, including bereavement or loss of health, to name a few that greatly impact our lives.

With our Specialist, Joan, you will work together using the Grief Recovery Method Programme. The GRM offers a different approach to mainstream counselling. It's an educational programme using a task-based approach, that runs over 7 sessions.

You will identify long-established beliefs and behaviours that you may have used in the past, to help you cope with ongoing grief and senses of loss, that haven’t been helpful. You will then work together and learn a new effective set of tools that will equip you to complete the pain you have lived with.

The Grief Recovery Method® is recognised by NHS.