(Virtual) Self-Help Reflexology One to One sessions

Would you like to try some self-help reflexology on your hands?

Guided by one of our reflexologists Heidi, you will be shown simple tips and techniques to help promote relaxation, and general well-being.

All you need is your hands, a little cream and a listening ear.  

To book, call on 020 8668 0974 or Contact us.

A specialised form of foot massage using gentle pressure on specific points on the feet to relieve a range of symptoms.

It is a pleasant treatment and one which can be very relaxing.

If you have any other problems, then you should contact your GP or hospital in the usual way.

To maximise the benefits of these sessions, try to rest afterwards and drink a glass or two of water.

Our reflexology sessions are limited to 50 minutes which includes consultation time at the first appointment.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Centre Manager should you feel that you need an urgent appointment.