taichiTai Chi and Chi Kung 

Tai Chi and Chi Kung are centuries old chinese exercise systems that use and enhance the body’s internal energy, or Chi. 

The gentle flowing movements of Tai Chi will improve balance, flexibility and concentration. Recent NHS research has shown that Tai Chi can reduce the incidence of falls in older people and help maintain bone density and prevent osteoporosis.

The carefully designed postures of Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung (pronounced Jam Jong), uniquely combine exertion and relaxation simultaneously, without leaving you gasping for breath. To the great surprise of most people these postures initially require no movement. Zhan Zhuang translates as ‘Standing like a tree’ and like a tree the growth is internal, while externally little appears to be happening.

Regular practice of these arts will relax muscles, releasing the tensions that are so common today allowing the body to perform as it should. They will deepen breathing, improve circulation, posture and balance and boost the immune system – all of which will enhance everyday life and are ideal for those recovering from illness or incapacity.

Tai Chi and Chi Kung can be done by people of all ages and at all levels of fitness, they are absorbing but not exhausting or stressful. There is no need for special clothing, just wear something loose and comfortable and soft shoes.

Sessions are every Wednesday.

  • 10:30am for advanced students
  • 12:15 for beginners

Come along and give it a try. Once learned these are treasures for a lifetime.