See the Google Calendar at the bottom of our Calendar page to determine whether our Drama Group have resumed classes.


The Drama Group meets weekly (with a break in the school holidays).  You may hear lots of laughter if you visit the Centre then.

The emphasis is on using your imagination, enjoying yourself and having fun, whilst developing drama skills you may not know you have. We enjoy a range of activities and ideas which may include drama games, role play, improvisation and using scripts.  

There is, of course, plenty of time to chat (over tea and cake!) and support each other.  

Do come along and see what weird and wonderful things we get up to - you don't have to join in!

The quotes below are recent responses from members of the group 

"Very absorbing and exhilarating!  A challenging, nerve-tingling, pulse-racing opportunity to step outside of oneself."

"Drama has become the highlight in my week and has given me a diversion from the trauma of cancer."

"Becoming a different person for a couple of hours a week is exceptionally therapeutic".

"I love the companionship that comes from joining with others in doing things we didn't think we were capable of!"

"Warmth, friendliness and, above all, FUN!!"