Aims, Ambitions and Vision



To be the leading independent provider of cancer support services in our area and to be known to all new patients diagnosed with cancer, in order that they and their families get the support they need.


To provide support groups, complementary therapies, counselling and other therapeutic activities, within a caring friendly environment, which helps anyone affected by cancer cope with their situation.


We offer a caring, supportive and friendly environment.

Everyone is welcome, no-one is discriminated against.

Everyone is treated with dignity and their views and choices are respected.

We aim for the highest standards in all we do: all our therapies and counselling services are delivered by professionally qualified practitioners.

The welfare of our members is paramount, and confidentiality is always maintained.

We consider it important to remain a progressive organisation that develops and adapts to the needs of our members. 


Our Key objectives:

  • To continue to review, develop and improve the range of services offered at Purley and Croydon University Hospital and look at opportunities in the centre of Croydon for the benefit of our members.
  • To increase the number of members we support.
  • To work closely with GP hubs and social prescribing boards to increase knowledge of our support and range of activities.
  • To increase our outreach service to include difficult to reach residents who may be in care homes or bed bound, who might feel socially isolated.
  • To align our services with Croydon’s diverse community and be fully inclusive working with faith groups, BME Forums, LGBTQ+ groups and other organisations here in Croydon.
  • To fully engage with the Council’s localities programme to ensure we reach all residents in the borough.
  • To fully engage with all GPs, hospital staff, CCG Boards, SW London Partnership, SLAM, Healthwatch, Croydon Carers’ Centre and all major health partners. To work in collaboration with like-minded organisations like Macmillan, Maggie’s Centres, St Christopher’s Hospice, Duffus Cancer Foundation and Penny Brohn.
  • To increase our marketing and public relations activity along with improved social media to engage with a wider audience.

Continue as a leading independent provider of cancer support services:

  • To offer an unrivalled service for all residents.
  • To recruit new trustees, patrons, ambassadors and a new President.
  • To ensure all service providers work to the highest standards.
  • To ensure that all staff and volunteers are fully supported and receive training and support as required or requested.

Attract adequate regular funding to allow for growth and development:

  • To support our current Trust donors and work to identify new avenues of Trust income.
  • To work closely with local government initiatives, councillors and key health partners to identify sources of income.
  • To develop sound relationships with local business and corporates, community groups and other organisations and affiliates.

Infrastructure projects:

  • The Member Management and Booking System is currently a work-in-progress for replacement or upgrading to a current generation of software.
  • As a part of IT improvements and thus efficiency, select and implement an integrated fundraising software package.
  • Increase our working space in Purley and Croydon University Hospital and look at opportunities in central Croydon to facilitate a broader agenda.
  • Improve and enhance our front door approach and estate.