Manuela's Story

ManuelaEven whilst going through Chemotherapy I was already thinking about what I'm going to do once I'm better. I wanted to do a bike ride in aid of the Royal Marsden Hospital. I did a lot of research on the internet during my recovery time at home, so there I was, two years after finishing Chemo and Radiotherapy, cycling from London to Paris with 200 other cyclists and a fundraiser. Something I've never done before and found so rewarding, to be able to give something back to the people who helped me through this difficult time.

When I found out about the South East Cancer Help Centre (through the Mayday Hospital), I signed up and was told that the Centre had a Choir I could join. So I did, since I always loved singing and always wanted to perform. What better way to do this and raise money for a brilliant cause at the same time. The past 3 years with the Choir gave me the confidence to go even a step further and join a local Amateur Theatre Group. So suddenly I found myself rehearsing for a Musical, something I always wanted to do and never had the courage to.

I feel the Cancer experience gave me a new view of life and taught me to just stop worrying about the little things and just go out and embrace life and make your dreams come true. Even if you fall, you can always pick yourself up and carry on.