Duncan Wilson

Duncan WilsonJoining the centre in 2015 was one of my best decisions and undoubtedly made an enormous difference to my recovery from bowel cancer. I had the benefit of counselling from one of their very professional team which helped me deal with the present and restructure my future. A nutritionist analysed my diet and regulated my food intake to make sure my energy levels had a chance to build up.

I bravely attended a drama group which was very challenging especially when taken outside my comfort zone by playing a Shakespearian character – great fun and the group was run by a very talented drama teacher.

Another group I joined was Mindfulness and this was fascinating and sometimes difficult to grasp the concepts. I found myself slightly embarrassed one day when during a period of meditation I was so relaxed that I fell asleep.

Perhaps the most helpful of all was the Bowel Cancer Support Group which took me and my wife on a journey of support, explanation, knowledge, reassurance and fun. I realised that what I was experiencing was not unique and had been the experience of other members of the group. I am so grateful for the confidential sharing of views and thoughts about not just the physical but also the emotional impact of the disease. The culture was one of sharing every and all experiences for the mutual benefit of the attendees.

An organisation that is truly steeped in its Mission of helping as many people as possible with or affected by Cancer in a safe and supportive environment. I will be eternally grateful for their services and I will continue to support SECHC and the Bowel Cancer support group in all their endeavours.