Roland's Story


It was purely by chance that I decided to try hypnotherapy.

I had been diagnosed with prostate cancer back in October 2006. This was a very traumatic time for me. My way of dealing with this was through Reiki. After my treatment and medication I was experiencing very strange dreams, physical pain and emotional issues. I mentioned this to my Reiki master, he suggested that it may be helpful to try hypnotherapy.

So being of an open mind I approached the Centre about trying hypnotherapy at the Centre, she kindly gave the go ahead and my first session with Christine was in January 2008.

I had no idea how hypnotherapy worked and so went along with an open mind and no expectations. At the first session we discussed my background and briefly discussed how hypnotherapy worked, Christine was of the opinion that a course of treatment would be helpful to me. At the second session I had my first hypnotherapy treatment. The third and fourth sessions were to help me to relax and release tension, Christine recorded these on cassette for me to play at home when

 I felt the need.

At subsequent sessions we explored self-hypnosis, EFT, and levitation techniques. The purpose of these being to help me to accept my current situation and bring more flexibility into my lifestyle by accepting new ways of enjoying being me. During all of the sessions we had open and frank dialogue. I had my last session with Christine in July 2008, I came away knowing that Christine had given me all of the tools necessary to cope with what lies ahead of me. I now use these inconjunction with Reiki.