Peter Atkinson

Peter Atkinson"I was told about the Prostate Cancer Support Group by a Macmillan nurse in 2017 when I was first diagnosed as having prostate cancer. I didn't think that I needed such a Group as I believed that I was a straightforward case. It was only after my prostatectomy that I learnt that my cancer was very aggressive and had spread outside the prostate. This caused me some concern. I joined SECHC and started to attend the monthly meetings of the PCSG early in 2018. With a very capable leader in Terry Garrigan and about 30 men attending, I gained lots of information which was very helpful to me during hormone therapy, radiotherapy and some disconcerting urological problems which persist to this day.

I also took advantage of some of the treatments offered to members at the Centre and I currently attend the helpful Relaxation classes on Zoom. During the Covid pandemic the PCSG has moved onto Zoom and works well, though the number attending has reduced to about 12.

All in all, I have benefitted greatly from joining SECHC and, in particular, attending meetings of the PCSG."