FrancisJust after Christmas 2005 I had a routine blood test because of my diabetes. As a result of that blood test, my GP told me that I had a raised PSA and sent me to see Mr Gary Das, a consultant at Croydon University Hospital.

After having a biopsy and further tests Mr Das gave me the bad news/good news that I had Cancer but it had not spread. However, as the cancer was on the surface of the prostate it was inoperable and I was referred onwards to the Royal Marsden in Surrey. As a result of all of this I had a panic attack.

My wife contacted the South East Cancer Help Centre after receiving details from a nurse at Croydon University Hospital. I came to my first Prostate Cancer Support Group meeting in April 2006 and wow;  it's a fantastic place that's full of laughter and joy where you can talk of just about anything - and I expect we have!

The Centre has helped me with advice and, where it could not help directly, pointed me in the right direction. The sense of entering a sanctuary where you can leave all your troubles at the door is fantastic